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PSYJACIELE is a family trade mark created from love to animals, design and marketing :)

Psyjaciele pack contains two rough haired adopted pets - Kiszka i Rupieć, Trzebabiec (Mustrun) cat, and human workforce of Gośka and Krzysiek. All ours pets have survived a lot, but a little love was enough for them to believe in human again and feel happy .

We have been dealing with marketing and advertising for many years,  trying to support animal shelters, for example by preparing 1% campaigns.

After long discussions, brain storms and reflections, we decided to make our dreams come true - take care about animals for good and create PSYJACIELE.COM  brand. Brand, that not only creates highest quality products, which are fun and unusual, but also helps dogs, that have not found their home yet.

All product ideas, originally created by our imagination, were then designed by polish artists - cartoonists, illustrators. They are unique collection available only on our website. We use the highest quality Polish semi-finished products, we cooperate with Polish designers and contractors.

Each of our model is a pet, which is waiting for home, or a pet that has been recently adopted. We hope, that you will find something for yourself here, and that your four-legged ones will use our products with smile.

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Gośka i Krzysiek