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Most likely, a flea jumped onto our server... please check your Spam folder and wait a while - if nothing appears, write to us at - we will help!

Don't worry - nothing happened. Write us a message at, if we have not sent your order yet, we can change it. If it has already been delivered to you, you can exchange the product - more details in the exchange and returns tab at the bottom of the home page.

Write to us at and tell us what you would like to buy and in what design/size. We will price your personalized order and provide you with a possible completion date. Remember - nothing is impossible :)

Each product has an assigned shipping cost depending on its dimensions and weight and the shipping option you choose. When purchasing larger quantities of products, you only pay for shipping once - the system takes into account the cost of the heaviest product. You will see the shipping cost in your cart under your order total.
If you want to place an order abroad, contact us at with a list of products and address - we will send you the shipping cost.
You can also pick up the product for free in our store at ul. Miodowa 33 in Krakow or at ul. Bracka 25 in Warsaw, Mon-Fri 11am-7pm, Sat and Sun working 9am-5pm once we inform you that the order is ready for collection.

Some carriers allow you to redirect the parcel to any address - use the e-mail from the courier confirming sending the parcel or write to us at to send the parcel again.

We put all hands on deck to ship every order within 7 business days of payment confirmation. However, the world can be cruel and it may happen that due to a large number of orders or some obstacles, the shipment of the order may be extended to a maximum of 14 business days. If you want super fast shipping - write to us at - we will try to help.

Yes! We invite you to the stationary store at ul. Miodowa 33 in Kraków :)

Yes, but please see the product card for details. Below the photos of each product there is a table in which you will find detailed information on product care.

You can buy most products in our store even if they are out of stock. When you try to add a product to your cart, you will receive a notification that we will sew the product for you within 7-14 business days. As soon as it is ready and delivered to us, we will send it to you.

Preferably with a centimeter :) but seriously, see our pet measurement tab at the bottom of the home page for more details. When choosing a collar or harness, remember to choose a size that has the dimensions of your dog inside - this will allow you to perfectly fit your pet.

Den? It's better to know your pet's preferences than to know them :) Some pets prefer to curl up in a cozy bed, others prefer space - preferably in the form of your bed. So please observe your pet :)

Enter it in the cart in the discount code space and click add. If for some terrible reason something doesn't work - write to us

Enter the given code in the basket in the discount code space and click add. If for some terrible reason something doesn't work - write to us

Write to us and tell us exactly how you can help us. If you represent a shelter, are a drawer, a seamstress or a specialist in everything - write, we will be happy to look into the matter and maybe something will come out of it :)

Do you like the design of our accessories but would you like a bed like this? No problem - we can sew them for you, e.g. Rainbow, Kotolaż, etc. - order the selected size and write in the comment what pattern you dream of - of course, it must be a pattern on the material (not tape).

Place a new order, select add to an already made order as a delivery method, and in the comment to the order write - combine with order no. ...

No, products with reflectors, foam lining, extended lanyards, tailor-made accessories, with an additional ring and address tags are not subject to returns.

Something happened with your product? No problem, fill out the complaint form available in the complaints/returns tab and send it to us together with the product or deliver it to a stationary store. Remember to wash the product before submitting it for a complaint.