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Couch "Doggomaki"

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A beautiful, designer, super comfortable sofa for your dog

A dog bed in the shape of a comfortable sofa is high-quality workmanship combined with a designer pattern and the highest comfort for your pet.

The sofa was made in Poland, from the highest quality Polish materials guaranteeing long and comfortable use. The shape of the bed ensures great comfort for the dog - the raised sides, one of which has been lowered to facilitate entry into the bed, are profiled in a way that ensures the highest comfort while resting, playing or eating chews.

Recommended for dogs that like to have their heads higher.

The sofa is fully dismountable. You can remove all elements (sides, back, front, cushion) and wash the entire cover.

The inner cushion is quite large - so that it can be perfectly distributed under the weight of the dog - it takes a few days :)

The main pillow can be replaced with an orthopedic mattress recommended for older and sick dogs. Additionally, the pillowcase can be replaced with a velvet one if your dog prefers soft material or is afraid of the sound of the material.


  Size XS Size S Size M Size L
a. outside length of couch bottom 60cm 75cm 100cm 110cm
b. outside width of couch bottom 46cm 63cm 80cm 95cm
c. height of the lowered part 7cm 12cm 14cm 14cm
e. height of the couch 16cm 26cm 30cm 30cm
d. width measured from the top 44 cm 60 cm 77 cm 94 cm
height of the inside cushion 38cm/28cm 47cm/40cm 64cm/55cm 80cm/70cm

The inner cushion is quite abundant - so that it can spread perfectly under the weight of the dog - it lasts for several days :).

Dimensions may differ by 2-3 cm from those given in the table.

The sides of the couch are generously stuffed. Please note that the dimensions of the couch measured from the top are different from the dimensions of the bottom.

a. length measured from the top 60cm 75cm 95cm 115cm
b. width measured from the top 44cm 60cm 77cm 94cm



* Each bed is made of material with a pattern, so individual copies may differ from each other and from the photo due to the use of a different piece of fabric.High-quality waterproof material characterised by resistance to absorption of dust, dirt and hair. Extremely easy to clean, quick drying after washing.Hidden durable zipper allows you to fully pull out the filling and makes it easier to wash.The filling is Oeko-tex Standard 100 certified - the world's leading safety mark for textile products. Fabrics that have been awarded this mark are free from harmful substances in concentrations that have a negative impact on human health, including: pesticides, chlorophenols, formaldehyde, allergenic dyes, prohibited azo dyes and extractable heavy metals.
Rules for care of the bed:
Best cleaned with upholstery care products. Can be hand washed or on a delicate program in the washing machine at 30'. Do not bleach, do not mechanically dry, do not iron.


Remember that the cardboard packaging of the lair can be reused - it works great as a food packaging, document box or pad under a cat's litter box - see the upcycling tab for more inspiration!


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Adela Madej – Graficzka. Mieszka i pracuje w Warszawie. Projektuje plakaty, loga i ilustracje. Lubi proste rysunki, mocne kolory i wyraziste kontury. Marzy o tym, żeby pewnego dnia zaprojektować okładkę albumu, ...

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