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Portable Snuffle mat "Respect the wildness"

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Sniffing mat

Our sniffing mat is a great toy for your dog. The thick fleece allows you to hide a lot of treats, the non-slip bottom increases stability, and the ingenious drawstring on both sides allows you to increase or decrease the level of difficulty. It's great fun for your dog, which will keep your pet busy for a long time and even slightly tire it :)

The mat has three uses:

1. classic sniffing mat

2. very difficult sniffing mat after removing the stoppers

3. travel bowl for dry food

The mat is made of patterned fabric, with a strong anti-slip material on the bottom and a very high-quality, thick fleece inside - densely sewn in. The fleece is sewn with protection so that the dog cannot tear it out, as in some mats available on the market.

The mat was made in Poland, from the highest quality Polish materials ensuring long and comfortable use.







* Each mat is made of a fabric with a pattern, so individual pieces may differ both from each other and from the photo due to the use of a different part of the fabric.

High-quality waterproof material characterized by resistance to the absorption of dust, dirt and hair. Easy to clean, dries quickly after washing.

Strong, double-sided fleece and the bottom made of non-slip material.

Mat care rules:

In order to remove minor stains, simply wipe with a damp sponge dipped in warm water. In case of larger dirt, the mat can be washed by hand at 30 '. The product should not be chlorinated, starched, ironed, bleached, machine-dried or dry-cleaned. After washing, it is worth remembering to hang it so that the mat can dry thoroughly.


Remember that the cardboard packaging of the lair can be reused - it works great as a food packaging, document box or pad under a cat's litter box - see the upcycling tab for more inspiration!


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Natasza Kwiatkowska – Z wykształcenia grafik warsztatowy z zamiłowania grafik komputerowy, ilustratorka i projektantka. Pracuje w agencji reklamowej, po pracy w wolnych chwilach tworzy plakaty - ilustracje botaniczne i ...

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