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"Polar pattern" pressure-free harness

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"Polar pattern" pressure-free harness

The great, unique design of harness will make your pooch look like a real model :). The pressure-free harness is one of the most comfortable dog accessories - thanks to a special design, they distribute the tension in a way that does not burden the spine, and the distance from the dog's armpits guarantees that no chafing will occur. Our harness are sewn by hand from a very durable double-sided tape 25mm or 20mm wide. Black, strong, matte fittings and buckle by Duraflex guarantee long-term use, and the regulations used in as many as 4 places ensures a perfect fit for each pooch. The bottom of the harness is a combination of two fabrics - a waterproof fabric with a pattern resistant to dirt, and on the inside, a soft, light spacer foam that allows air to pass through and prevents the dog from sweating. The whole harness is finished with a special trim to be super pleasant for the dog. In addition, at the top of the harness, we have added a special hook for an adress or number and a comfortable handle for which you can hold the dog.

The pressure-free harness is put on over the head, and the back is fastened quickly thanks to two buckles. The use of two buckles balances their weight and prevents the harness from twisting on the animal.

The pressure-free harness by allows you to adjust the cervical and chest circumference, allowing for a perfect fit to the dog's body shape.

"The polar" pattern is a wonderful, delicate pattern that combines the Icelandic Northern with cute bear cubs. The starry sky and the lounging bears perfectly complement each other, creating a beautiful but delicate pattern. A combination of colors that will make your dog look better than internet celebrities. Expressive colors will beautifully match your pooch's hair! Dress your pooch in a designer pattern and every walk will be great. The pattern was designed by the great illustrator Lina Lark.

You can match the harness with a regular or a detachable leash and a poop bags case.

BEFORE PURCHASING LOOK AT THE TABLE WITH DIMENSIONS BELOW THE PRICE. However, please note that according to the law, personalised products cannot be returned.

Products highlights: Colorful, double-sided, very durable tape, 25 and 20mm wide; Strong, weather-resistant fittings and buckle by Duraflex; A special hook for an adress or number; Hand made in Poland; Design to protect the dog's spine and prevent it from escaping; Adjustment in up to 4 places; Unique pattern available only on, double fabric, standard handle.











neck circumference







chest circumference







back length



8 cm

12 cm


16 cm

width between the armpits


5 cm

6 cm

7,5 cm

8,5 cm

10 cm

length of the material part


18,5 cm

22 cm

26 cm

31 cm


37 cm



1. Is your pet unmeasurable? No problem, buy the closest size, and in the comments to your order give the dimensions of your dog and we will sew harness to order! Lead time up to 7 days plus shipping.

2. Do you want your dog to be more visible? Choose reflectors - we add 3 pieces per handle. This option does not increase the lead time. With reflective accessories we do not recommend machine washing or drying on a radiator.

By law, personalised products are not returnable.




Remember that the cardboard packaging of the lair can be reused - it works great as a food packaging, document box or pad under a cat's litter box - see the upcycling tab for more inspiration!


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Lina Lark – Lina Lark - Illustrator, graphic designer, visual artist. Graduated in Visual Arts from the prestigious University of The Arts London. She graduated with a degree in Political Science from the Univ...

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