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Tape width

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How to measure a dog?

1. To measure the circumference of the neck, place a tape measure at the base of the neck,

2. To measure the circumference of the chest, put the tape measure about 2-3 centimeters behind the armpits. Important nor were they too close to the armpits,

3. To adjust the length of the back strap, first find the last cervical vertebra. Then measure to the place where the chest circumference was checked.

4. The anti-escape ring should be around the dog's waist. The tape passes through the center of the 6 cm wide material insert. This circumference should be measured approximately 5-6 cm of the dog's genitals towards the head,

5. The length of the second strap on the back is adjustable, it is the distance between the chest ring and the anti-escape ring.

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Strong, double-sided, colorful tape.

Fittings and a buckle with the Duraflex brand logo.

Harness care rules:

To remove fur from small dirt, simply wipe with a damp sponge dipped in warm water. If the dirt is heavier, the braces can be washed by hand The product should not be chlorinated, starch, ironed, bleach, mechanically dried or dry-cleaned. After washing, remember to hang them so that the braces can dry thoroughly.


Remember that the cardboard packaging can be reused - it works great as a packaging for bags or dog / cat delicacies - see the upcycling tab for more inspiration!