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Mat-bag "Walk or treat"

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A super innovative double-sided mat-bag for you and your dog or cat

Our dog or cat bag is an innovative product on the Polish market that allows you to take your pet's bed wherever you want. Perfect for the park, by the water, in the car or during forest walks. The Mat-bag is high-quality workmanship combined with a designer pattern and the highest comfort for your pet. The classic, elegant design is perfect for any situation.

The Mat-bag was made in Poland, from the highest quality Polish materials guaranteeing long and comfortable use. The simple, classic shape of the bag will fit perfectly into any space, even the smallest. We can take the bag with us everywhere - thanks to the additional pocket, we can pack the necessary gadgets or treats into it. After unfolding, we get a large mat that is perfect for a sofa, car or armchair. One side of the mat is soft, fluffy fleece, and the other is a waterproof material with a unique pattern.





Bag width


Bag height


Mat width


Mat height





*Each mat is made of a material with a pattern, so individual items may differ from each other and from the photo due to the use of a different piece of fabric.

High-quality waterproof material characterized by resistance to absorption of dust, dirt, and hair. Extremely easy to clean, quick drying after washing. The other side is a fluffy fleece.

Rules for mat care:

To remove fur, simply vacuum, roll a clothes cleaning roller or shake the mat. To remove minor dirt, simply wipe with a damp sponge dipped in warm water. For heavier dirt, the mat can be washed by hand or in the washing machine at 30 degrees. Use a gentle washing mode with 700 maximum spin. The product should not be chlorinated, starch, ironed, bleach, mechanically dried or dry-cleaned. After washing, remember to hang it so that the mat can dry thoroughly.


Remember that the cardboard packaging of the lair can be reused - it works great as a food packaging, document box or pad under a cat's litter box - see the upcycling tab for more inspiration!


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