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Special orders

Would you like to carry out a special order but you do not know how and how much it will cost? We will try to dispel any doubts.

If you would like to modify the size of the harness or collar, just write a comment to the order and provide all dimensions there. The cost of such a service is PLN 0, and the waiting time is up to 2 weeks - usually we manage to wrap up faster.

If you want to order a custom-made mattress or pillow, place an order by e-mail -

The cost is the price of the nearest size + PLN 30 for a special pattern and sewing + shipping cost.

Completion date up to 2 weeks - we usually wrap faster.

Have you come up with something else and are you curious if we can sew? No problem - send us an inquiry by e-mail and we will try to answer quickly.